Love Takes Over.
Rest In Peace Granddad :’C

All the thoughts that go through your brain when someone in your life passes away, the sadness, and happiness that they are finally no longer suffering, but the pain of the fact that you will never be able to speak to them again …. It’s Tough :’C

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Yes, i know this is late by half a month, but heyyyy, me and Alex are Happier than ever and yeah hope to go on for years to come C:

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Infinite Love <3
11 Months <3

We should really be celebrating on the 30th, tho sadly there is no 30th to February, so just at the end of the month will have to do, only a month before i will have been with this amazing boy a whole year, my longest and most amazing relationship, he means the absolute world to me and i cant see myself with anyone else We have shared the most perfect of memories and these are some of our best memories, You are just Perfect, my absolute world <3


Forever and a Day <3

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Alexander Bradley Reece Poole &lt;3
ABRP &lt;3
Eternal Love &lt;3
Alex &lt;3
Memories <3

Memories are the greatest things, because, there are good and bad memories, Me and my boyfriend have been together almost a year now (On March 30th, it will be our year) The other night we were on the phone, he has recently had some very sad news and so i have had to be very there for him and always looking out for him and things like that, but, we decided to start talking about memories and well, it really cheered the both of us up, so when you get the chance, just talk about all of your good memories you have had and think about all of the amazing ones to come, if ever you are feeling low, it may help you the way it helped us, id like to add that most of those good memories were with me c: but to share memories lets you learn more about the person and be happier, give it a go it might help you <3 

Stay Strong For Your Loved Ones Who May Be Feeling Weak <3

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Think I&#8217;m Truly In Love &lt;3
You can be whatever you want to be, just have to put in the effort &lt;3
All the Small Things In Life, Make Up The Big Things &lt;3